What do airport security and New Year’s resolutions have in common?

January 19, 2012

Four out of five people wash their hands regularly, support full-body scanners as a measure of US airport security, don’t look good in black, and would have preferred a tablet rather than a laptop this holiday season.

In addition, four out of five people are said to break their New Year’s resolutions; just a third make it to February.

productivity checkup

We’re about three weeks into the year; time to take stock. If your resolutions didn’t last much longer than a proper New Year’s Eve kiss should, here are some productivity tips for you.

Stepcase Lifehack says New Year’s resolutions are for the birds. After all, you created them at an exhausted time of the year: the holiday season had just ended, summer’s unimaginably far away, and the temptation to curl up into a soft nest of complacency is at its highest. But we’re going to argue that better than giving up on your resolutions entirely, a few weeks out from the holidays is time to tease out the flaws in your initial set of goals and rebuild them.

Were your resolutions really just a lofty wish list? For example, if you essentially re-imagined yourself a morning-loving exercise nut who rises at 5:30 a.m. to hit the pavement, but your lifestyle keeps you up til well after midnight, you’ve set yourself up to join that majority of resolution-failers. A tweak: make resolutions that emphasize what you’ve already got going in your life. If you’re enjoying four yoga classes a month, bump it up to six. If you have a circle of great friends you wished you spent more time with, organize a bi-monthly dinner. More on this from a group of people who’ve learned the lessons of a few more New Years than many of us: the AARP.

After checking in with the older generation, make sure your technology is enabling your best effort. The Life Optimizer blog recommends the iPhone app Resolutions Tracker, which has you enter goals and set reminders. You then grade yourself on your efforts within a range of five stars, which takes a pass/fail mentality out of the equation. If your resolutions involve daily habits, check out web-based Joe’s Goals for a low-tech, binary yes/no daily tracker.

We know CLEAR members like finding ways to save time and make life better, more productive, and more relaxed. So we’re guessing the success rate among members might be a bit higher than everyone else! How are your resolutions going – are you still firmly resolved, or were your promises already aircasualties to life as usual?