Want to Travel Like a Pro?

August 1, 2012

Tim Ferriss, Author of The 4-Hour Workweek, and the CLEAR Team have some Tips to Share!

Recently, Tim Ferriss, a man who understands the value of speed and time, shared some of his expert tips for quick and painless travel in The New York Times Travel Section. Tim relies on his CLEAR card to guarantee that he’ll spend no more than 5 minutes going through airport security, meaning he can zip “from home to gate in 20 minutes.” Isn’t that the dream?

At CLEAR, our team is constantly moving. Whether supporting our airport partners from San Francisco to Orlando, or visiting new cities in order to bring the CLEAR experience to more travelers nationwide, we have a passion for travel, and, if we do say so ourselves, we do it well. Check out some of our tricks for a stress-free trip!

Tim Ferriss travel tips CLEAR

CLEAR members are ‘UP in the Air’ all the time—one thing we definitely never pack? A pillow!



Top 11 CLEAR Travel Tips:

  1. We agree with Tim—never check a bag. All you need is one nice pair of pants, a basic pair of shoes, and a couple of shirts.
  2. Download helpful apps like Tripit and Gate Guru, so you can check flight status and gate on the way to the airport.
  3. Always bring something non-digital, like work or a magazine, so you can stay productive during takeoffs and landings.
  4. Pick up a cup of coffee and a snack before you board—flight options are sometimes limited. In San Francisco we love Peet’s Coffee and Starbucks.
  5. Remember that sometimes even empty bags can be heavy—invest in a light but durable carry-on. We love expandable ones!
  6. Keep toiletries in a small bag at the top of your luggage so that they can be easily removed when going through security.
  7. Always put your house keys in the same outside pocket of your travel bag. That way, you’re never scrambling to find them when you get back home.
  8. To avoid getting hung-up at the security screening, take off all outerwear like scarves and jackets, as well as metal, like watches and cellphones, right as you step into the airport.
  9. Always keep a travel bag ready to go with things like chargers, toiletries, and copies of documents. That way you only have to add clothes.
  10. After you land, take advantage of membership programs offered by places such as Starwood Hotels. Just like frequent flying, you’ll be rewarded for your loyalty with benefits, points, and upgrades.
  11. Security lines are unpredictable so make sure to leave plenty of time to avoid stress. That is, of course, unless you’re flying out of a CLEAR airport—then you know security will only take about five minutes!