CLEAR Eliminates Another Line at the Airport

April 21, 2014

What’s better than breezing through airport security?  Having your drink and snack waiting for you on the other side of course! To make travel easier, CLEAR, Orlando International Airport and OTG have partnered to battle another long line.

In this exciting new beta program, CLEARmembers can now order snacks as they speed through the CLEARlane and have their items waiting for them at a CIBO Express Gourmet Market counter nearest to their gate.  Payments are embedded in the new grab-n-go concessions program so CLEAR travelers don’t need to wait at the register to pay. No more waiting for people fishing change out of their pockets, deciding which magazine to get or debating the merits of coffee vs tea.

This is another step in CLEAR’s mission to create a better customer experience beyond the airport security line.  We are excited for this pilot and look forward to debuting this service at other CLEAR airports.

“CLEAR continues to transform the travel experience for our members.  We understand the many pain points and bottlenecks travelers face today and are very excited to ease the stress with this new benefit.” stated Caryn Seidman Becker, CLEAR’s Chairman and CEO.


We want to know your thoughts. Tweet us @clear_me with your experience, pictures and questions. We look forward to hearing your stories about our new service.


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Tim Ferriss Calls CLEAR the “Golden Ticket”

October 12, 2012

Check out this new video from one of our favorite authors and productivity experts, Tim Ferriss!


Regus and CLEAR Join Forces For Hassle-Free Business Travel

June 7, 2012

Mobile workers will save time at U.S. airports
and have access to professional business lounges 

DALLAS (June 7, 2012) – In a move that will help business travelers save time while navigating through congested airport security checkpoints, Regus, the world’s largest provider of flexible workplaces, announced a new partnership agreement with CLEAR, a cutting-edge technology company offering dedicated security lanes to help passengers speed through airport security checkpoints.

“The majority of Regus customers are mobile workers and take advantage of our global network of professional workspaces,” said Michael Haas, Regus’ Director of Partnerships. “Through this partnership we can now help them have a better travel experience at some of the busiest airports in the country.”

Currently available in San Francisco, Orlando and Denver International Airports, and anticipating opening in Dallas-Fort Worth this summer, CLEAR seeks to expand its expedited traveler service to many more airports across the U.S.

As part of the agreement, Regus Businessworld Members will be awarded a 90-day free trial to CLEAR with unlimited access to CLEAR’s network of airports.  CLEAR members will be entitled to a one-year Regus Businessworld Gold membership providing unlimited access to Regus’ global network of 1,200 business lounges.

“CLEAR and Regus both promote productivity and efficiency and we are excited to share services and amenities between our members,” said Effie Epstein, CLEAR’s Director of Business Development & Strategy. “The Regus business lounges offer a convenient and professional place to work while on the road; that is a value-added benefit to our members.”

CLEAR members will also receive discounts on future meeting room bookings and videoconferencing services at any Regus business center.  They can also secure one-month free on any virtual office program and/or full-time office agreement.

About Regus

Regus is the world’s largest provider of flexible workplaces, with products and services ranging from fully equipped offices to professional meeting rooms, business lounges and the world’s largest network of video communication studios. Regus enables people to work their way, whether it’s from home, on the road or from an office. Customers such as Google, GlaxoSmithKline, and Nokia join hundreds of thousands of growing small and medium businesses that benefit from outsourcing their office and workplace needs to Regus, allowing them to focus on their core activities.

Over a million customers a day benefit from Regus facilities spread across a global footprint of 1,200 locations in 550 cities and 95 countries, which allow individuals and companies to work wherever, however and whenever they want to. Regus was founded in Brussels, Belgium in 1989, is headquartered in Luxembourg and listed on the London Stock Exchange.

For more information, visit:


CLEAR is the trusted repository for secure identification.  Today, CLEAR’s biometric platform delivers certainty of speed and the highest level of service to members at the airport, while enhancing airport security. CLEAR’s dedicated lanes speed members through security in five minutes or less and our lanes have been used over half a million times.  Enrollment is fast and easy and can be done at any of CLEAR’s enrollment centers (  For more information on how CLEAR can transform your travel experience, go to

For more information, contact:

Grant Greenberg
Regus PR and Communication Manager

Lisha DeFreitas
CLEAR Member Services

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CLEAR exclusive webinar: David Allen’s “Stress-Free Productivity on the Road” June 5

May 17, 2012

GTD on the Fly

CLEAR Getting Things Done WebinarEven if you’re not a David Allen follower (yet!), he’s probably impacted you. Allen is the universally predominant productivity consultant. His Getting Things Done® (GTD)® philosophy has been adopted by millions, his company has consulted with over 40% of all Fortune 100 companies, and he has over 1.2 million Twitter followers. His methods are meticulous yet infectious, and he’s influenced work as we know it on every scale: from how super-executives run huge organizations, to the way some of your colleagues probably excavate a bloated email inbox.

We believe that done right, efficiency can be almost professionally transcendent. Productivity is a big theme on our blog; our customer base is comprised of people who prioritize spending as little time as possible doing necessary things like passing through airport security. So it’s with huge excitement that we announce CLEAR’s upcoming webinar hosted by David Allen, which will include customized content for the CLEAR business traveler.

CLEAR will present Allen’s “Stress-Free Productivity on the Road” on June 5, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. PST / 2:00 p.m. EST. We’ll announce registration details shortly.

For Allen, the end goal of productivity is to have nothing on your mind but what you’re doing that moment. Be that designing a million dollar website, running a board meeting, playing with your kid, or catching up on Game of Thrones, you’re fully there. And Allen’s advice appeals not just to power executives but also to creatives off the corporate track. You can use GTD to annihilate life administration tasks fast. It’s all the better to chase the creativity muse without the pressing nag of something else you have to do.

No matter your line of work, nothing bucks people off the productivity bull as handily as travel. Allen will teach even the road warriors among us to maximize the “weird time” that occurs on any trip, how to have an “email snack,” what tools to take with you (like a traveling inbox), and how to manage reentry into your home life with no post-travel collapse.

This webinar is free of charge, and part of the resources we like to offer to help people juice their lives to the fullest and get stuff done. We’ll update this blog and our Facebook page with the link to register for and join the webinar closer to the date.

David Allen is the Chairman and Founder of the David Allen Company, an international training and consulting firm specializing in the fields of personal and organizational productivity. He has been called “One of the world’s most influential thinkers in the field of productivity”, designated as “One of America’s top 100 thought leaders”, and named one of the “Top 100 people” to follow on Twitter.” David is the author of 3 books. His international bestseller “Getting Things Done” has been a perennial bestseller since its release in 2001, and it is now published in over 28 languages.


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DST: A Productivity Hack to Beat “Spring Ahead!”

March 9, 2012

DST: A Productivity Hack to Beat “Spring Ahead!”

The holiday with a special place in our heart is fast approaching…

That’s right—

Daylight Saving Time is coming this weekend!

CLEAR is the (self-proclaimed) Official Sponsor of Daylight Saving Time.

It makes sense, right?

Here at CLEAR, we have a huge soft spot for any holiday that tries to extend the useful hours in your day… After all—that’s what CLEAR is all about.

This weekend, you’ll need to spring your clock ahead an hour… CLEAR members don’t need to worry– they’ll more than get that hour back by avoiding long airport lines.

Daylight Savings Stress

How to Save Time Every Day

Besides CLEAR, what else can you do to save time and make up for that lost hour many times over? If you had one hour less every day, how would you change your schedule?

We polled the office, and here are three ideas we came up with to save time daily:

- Wear wigs instead of spending time doing hair
- Stop exercising, eat only fast food, and/or give up showering
- Quit using the internet outside of work hours

And since none of us is ever going to try any of those, we realized we need to conduct a little more analysis.

Plan B

Early Sunday morning on March 11, 2012, the clock skips the 2 a.m. hour, taking us from 1:59 a.m. to 3 a.m. Remember to move ahead all your devices that don’t do so automatically.

Assuming Monday’s a work day, you’ll be likely to feel that loss of an hour then. The time when your body will want to go to bed will be “earlier,” making the day effectively shorter.

Track everything you do that day in 15-minute increments. Yes, a little tedious, but it’s easy if you carry a small notebook or leave voice memos for yourself about what you’ve done. Note how long you spend preparing food, eating, on personal hygiene, commuting, working (and not just being at your computer — actually working!), with your family, on the phone, watching TV, reading, relaxing, exercising; everything.

For better results do this for more than one day.

You’ll wind up with a lot of raw data you can put into a spreadsheet and see exactly how you spent your day. Any undesirable activities jumping out at you as taking way longer than you expected? See what you can do to tweak them to take less time out of your day.

Yes, it’s a little bit of work. But by becoming more aware of how you spend your time, that lost little hour didn’t have to die in vain.

Daylight Savings ecard

To help someone you care about deal with Daylight Savings, send them one of CLEAR’s official Daylight Savings ecards:

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Leap Day: The CLEAR of the Solar System

February 28, 2012

Every four years (unless it’s an end-of-century year that isn’t divisible by 400, but that’s another story) the calendar year slows down for a day to let the solar system catch up. On February 29:

CLEAR Leap Day

- Certain grandparents will celebrate their teen birthdays;
- Some women may be more likely to put a ring on it instead of waiting for their men;
- Disney will be open for 24 hours straight;
- Microsoft customers will get a preview of Windows 8; and
- You get an extra day on your year.

Functionally, leap day exists because it takes Earth about six hours more to fly around the sun than our calendar year is long. Without leap day, every hundred years the seasons would show up about a month later than we’re used too. Think of it as CLEAR for the solar year, ushering in each season without delay or stress.

Furthermore, if you liked Daylight Saving Time (of which we, CLEAR, are the self-professed “official” sponsors), you should embrace leap day. It’s an extra day for you to catch up with those New Year’s Resolutions you may or may not be keeping; a 24-hour period to make sure your year is on a productive track.

If you read our blog regularly, you know we’re big on productivity tricks and habits. Why not call Wednesday, February 29, 2012 a bonus day to make sure all the objects orbiting your world are aligned? With an extra day to get all you want done this year, a forward-thinking strategy and organization day could be just the thing you need to secure a smooth rest of 2012.

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Today is Clean Out Your Computer Day

February 13, 2012

Oh, the abuse some of us dole out to our electronic servant, the work computer. Problem is, we’re only hurting ourselves!

Imagine your hard drive is your brain. Are you haphazardly cramming it with information, memories, reminders, notes to self, images, video, sound files, and more? Doesn’t that make it hard to sort out your thoughts, have peace of mind, and make the best decisions based on resources available to you? Better to cut that information up into manageable pieces, categorize them, and file them away in order, so you don’t waste time and energy looking for your notes from last week’s meeting or a great presentation you want to replicate.

CLEAR speeds you through airport security

One of the best ways to solve some of life’s little problems is with an officially designated holiday. Thanks to the Institute of Business Technology, this year is the 10th annual Clean Out Your Computer Day. The day is recognized on the second Monday in February, which in 2012 is February 13. So why not make a plan ahead of time, block out an hour or two on your schedule, and next week – have at it.

Here’s our three-step prescription for a cleaned-out computer.

  1. Stop dumping. Retrain yourself not to save that file in a vaguely named folder without changing the filename with the thought that you can just search for it later. Save yourself the time of trying to remember what search terms will recall the latest version of whatever it is you’re looking for.
  2. Create a system. Create folders and subfolders. As you use them, if they’re not totally intuitive for you, change them so they are. Use a naming convention; YYYYMMDD_title_author is a good one for keeping your files in chronological order.
  3. Automate/remind. Schedule your computer to run disc cleanup/defragmenter at specified times or remind you to. Set reminders to back up all your data externally – or enable a cloud system.

Want some auxiliary steps? Here are a few more:

  • Probably nothing’s better at making your computer run faster than backing up all your data and reinstalling your operating system. A pain, but it works.
  • Update your virus software and run a scan.
  • Is your computer filthy? Clean it, physically!

A little electronic reorganization and housekeeping will save you time and add a level of control to your work processes.

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What do airport security and New Year’s resolutions have in common?

January 19, 2012

Four out of five people wash their hands regularly, support full-body scanners as a measure of US airport security, don’t look good in black, and would have preferred a tablet rather than a laptop this holiday season.

In addition, four out of five people are said to break their New Year’s resolutions; just a third make it to February.

productivity checkup

We’re about three weeks into the year; time to take stock. If your resolutions didn’t last much longer than a proper New Year’s Eve kiss should, here are some productivity tips for you.

Stepcase Lifehack says New Year’s resolutions are for the birds. After all, you created them at an exhausted time of the year: the holiday season had just ended, summer’s unimaginably far away, and the temptation to curl up into a soft nest of complacency is at its highest. But we’re going to argue that better than giving up on your resolutions entirely, a few weeks out from the holidays is time to tease out the flaws in your initial set of goals and rebuild them.

Were your resolutions really just a lofty wish list? For example, if you essentially re-imagined yourself a morning-loving exercise nut who rises at 5:30 a.m. to hit the pavement, but your lifestyle keeps you up til well after midnight, you’ve set yourself up to join that majority of resolution-failers. A tweak: make resolutions that emphasize what you’ve already got going in your life. If you’re enjoying four yoga classes a month, bump it up to six. If you have a circle of great friends you wished you spent more time with, organize a bi-monthly dinner. More on this from a group of people who’ve learned the lessons of a few more New Years than many of us: the AARP.

After checking in with the older generation, make sure your technology is enabling your best effort. The Life Optimizer blog recommends the iPhone app Resolutions Tracker, which has you enter goals and set reminders. You then grade yourself on your efforts within a range of five stars, which takes a pass/fail mentality out of the equation. If your resolutions involve daily habits, check out web-based Joe’s Goals for a low-tech, binary yes/no daily tracker.

We know CLEAR members like finding ways to save time and make life better, more productive, and more relaxed. So we’re guessing the success rate among members might be a bit higher than everyone else! How are your resolutions going – are you still firmly resolved, or were your promises already aircasualties to life as usual?

Go Paperless with the iPad: How to Blend in with the Natives

January 4, 2012

The digital natives, that is. Going paperless is a great New Year’s resolution to up your productivity in 2012!

Probably, unless you’ve been living under a large file credenza, you’re aware of the benefits of going fully paperless. CLEAR customers are nothing if not interested in better use of their time. The productivity increase you’ll see going paperless is incredible; consider the time wasted alone looking for a lost paper note or file. When you’re paperless, even if you misplace a file in the wrong folder, you can perform a search and find it in an instant. Paperless systems are also very sharable and great for enhancing the work of teams. More benefits of going paperless:

  • Better efficiency in basic administration of your work “stuff” means more time for productive, creative, and billable activities
  • Done properly, you’ll never lose anything again
  • Every single file is portable and at your fingertips
  • No files to remember and carry around
  • Yay for the environment!
  • Secure all your files in one fell swoop
  • Once you get going, it’s cheaper

So you’ve got your iPad and you’re ready to ditch the paper notebook you’ve been carrying, just in case, alongside it. Or your office is in the throes – with or without your vigorous resistance – of a movement from paper filing to electronic. Here are the three cardinal rules of going paperless, from least to most complex.

1. Back up, but automatically

Gone are the days when you had to physically plug in and make a digital, static copy of everything that matters. iCloud is here for a very good reason. Enable it for all of your important apps.

2. Have a system and follow it

 The paperless novice is trying out new apps and systems, saving things here one day and on other somewhere else, or loading everything into one unruly mess. Once you go paperless, just about every step of your work routine needs some tweaking. Here’s a great example of how one attorney sets himself up for paper-free success (the legal field is just one profession in which losing documents is a very bad idea).

 3.     Know your toolbox

There are a terrific number of apps available to help in your pursuit of paperlessness. But just like overdelegating to too many assistants, using an overabundance of apps will only make you less productive. Research your options, gather your tools, and stick with them. Here’s the paperless suite, to date, that works for us:

Orchestra. Switching to an electronic to do list is often the first step for the newly paperless. Orchestra beautifully allows you to compile and organize everything you need to get done today, on a specific date, “soon,” or “someday.” Social by nature, it makes a great tool for delegating and task sharing; voice recognition lets you speak your tasks. Best of all, it’s free.

DropBox. Store, manage, and share files with your team. This simple interface has been around for some time, but as it takes new devices easily into stride, it has yet to be beat.

Readdle. Since the iPad by design has no innate file manager or document viewer (other than the ability to view PDFs in iBooks), we recommend Readdle products. ReaddleDocs 3 lets you gather documents from email, the web, your computers, Google Docs, DropBox and other file transfer programs, etc. and organize them efficiently; you can also highlight and annotate directly on PDF files. Readdle’s PDF Expert 3 also lets you highlight and annotate, as well as draw with your finger (useful for recording simple diagrams); it also makes it easy to fill in forms.

Note Taker HD. The app that truly makes your iPad a notepad + tech. Tons of features may overwhelm a little at first, but it’s worth it: Note Taker HD lets you take efficient notes with finger or stylus or type in a text box, reorder pages, delete pages, edit tags, and more. Multiple line thicknesses (a really useful benefit), colors, fonts, and font sizes add customization, and you can import PDFs, annotate them, and insert and crop photos.

Genius Scan. This iPad app helps you take good quality scans of documents, and also does a great job capturing and resizing other text or diagrams you might want to scan, like notes on a whiteboard.

At what stage of going paperless are you: staunch believer in manila and spiral bound, or barely remembering how to sign your own name with a pen in your hand? Share your favorite apps in the comments.

Today: [CLEAR Executive Conference] How Busy Executives Can Make Better Decisions

November 2, 2011

Exclusive Webinar Today

The very intelligent, the most expert, the entirely rational – every professional sometimes makes unfortunate choices. The kind that cost a bunch of money, lessen your control over your environment, or create a big, embarrassing mess to clean up.

Luckily, there are people who study this sort of thing, and they can help you to retrain your brain to make decisions that are as smart as you are. Michael J. Mauboussin is adjunct professor of finance at Columbia Business School and Chief Investment Strategist at Legg Mason Capital Management. He’s also the author of fascinating and acclaimed books titled More Than You Know: Finding Financial Wisdom in Unconventional Places and Think Twice: Harnessing the Power of Counterintuition.

In fact, he’s a global thought-leader in the field of behavioral finance/economics and on the factors that make financial executives and investors make the decisions that they do. In particular, he’s interested in those hapless choices and in learning how people can do better. Today at 2:00 Eastern, CLEAR is bringing him to you for an exclusive, interactive webinar.

When confronted with choices that involve high stakes and lots of moving parts, sometimes your typically formidable brainpower can wuss out a bit. In the crux of an all-important decision, thought processing can revert to default factory settings: we oversimplify patterns and obscure the very logic we usually have a firm grip on. This is the phenomenon on which Maubossin bases his theories. By learning to “think twice” in a purposely calibrated way, we can avoid the influence of social and situational factors that can cause faulty judgment.

CLEAR Executive Conference Webinar Think Twice

We think you’ll find Mauboussin really compelling, and that you’ll be able to carry the strategies he gives you usefully into your professional and even personal life. Imagine being able to recognize when you’re facing a particularly problematic or consequential choice and responding by putting your brain into mental trap-resistant mode. Pretty powerful, huh?

It’s a little like getting a new antenna that gives you savvy sense for bad decision-making – on your part and of those around you – and being able to fight back with real, sound logic. Participants will learn about taking multiple factors, influences, and options into consideration without being overwhelmed. As a CLEAR customer (or soon-to-be CLEAR customer), we want you to experience new heights of productivity and effectiveness in your life with benefits like this exclusive webinar.

Register here:  And you can submit any questions you’d like Michael to address to questions at clearme dot com  Event is over. Here’s the recording:

How Busy Executives Can Make Better Decisions [CLEAR Executive Conference] from CLEARme on Vimeo.

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