DST: A Productivity Hack to Beat “Spring Ahead!”

March 9, 2012

DST: A Productivity Hack to Beat “Spring Ahead!”

The holiday with a special place in our heart is fast approaching…

That’s right—

Daylight Saving Time is coming this weekend!

CLEAR is the (self-proclaimed) Official Sponsor of Daylight Saving Time.

It makes sense, right?

Here at CLEAR, we have a huge soft spot for any holiday that tries to extend the useful hours in your day… After all—that’s what CLEAR is all about.

This weekend, you’ll need to spring your clock ahead an hour… CLEAR members don’t need to worry– they’ll more than get that hour back by avoiding long airport lines.

Daylight Savings Stress

How to Save Time Every Day

Besides CLEAR, what else can you do to save time and make up for that lost hour many times over? If you had one hour less every day, how would you change your schedule?

We polled the office, and here are three ideas we came up with to save time daily:

- Wear wigs instead of spending time doing hair
- Stop exercising, eat only fast food, and/or give up showering
- Quit using the internet outside of work hours

And since none of us is ever going to try any of those, we realized we need to conduct a little more analysis.

Plan B

Early Sunday morning on March 11, 2012, the clock skips the 2 a.m. hour, taking us from 1:59 a.m. to 3 a.m. Remember to move ahead all your devices that don’t do so automatically.

Assuming Monday’s a work day, you’ll be likely to feel that loss of an hour then. The time when your body will want to go to bed will be “earlier,” making the day effectively shorter.

Track everything you do that day in 15-minute increments. Yes, a little tedious, but it’s easy if you carry a small notebook or leave voice memos for yourself about what you’ve done. Note how long you spend preparing food, eating, on personal hygiene, commuting, working (and not just being at your computer — actually working!), with your family, on the phone, watching TV, reading, relaxing, exercising; everything.

For better results do this for more than one day.

You’ll wind up with a lot of raw data you can put into a spreadsheet and see exactly how you spent your day. Any undesirable activities jumping out at you as taking way longer than you expected? See what you can do to tweak them to take less time out of your day.

Yes, it’s a little bit of work. But by becoming more aware of how you spend your time, that lost little hour didn’t have to die in vain.

Daylight Savings ecard

To help someone you care about deal with Daylight Savings, send them one of CLEAR’s official Daylight Savings ecards: http://daylightsavings.clearme.com/choose

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Leap Day: The CLEAR of the Solar System

February 28, 2012

Every four years (unless it’s an end-of-century year that isn’t divisible by 400, but that’s another story) the calendar year slows down for a day to let the solar system catch up. On February 29:

CLEAR Leap Day

- Certain grandparents will celebrate their teen birthdays;
- Some women may be more likely to put a ring on it instead of waiting for their men;
- Disney will be open for 24 hours straight;
- Microsoft customers will get a preview of Windows 8; and
- You get an extra day on your year.

Functionally, leap day exists because it takes Earth about six hours more to fly around the sun than our calendar year is long. Without leap day, every hundred years the seasons would show up about a month later than we’re used too. Think of it as CLEAR for the solar year, ushering in each season without delay or stress.

Furthermore, if you liked Daylight Saving Time (of which we, CLEAR, are the self-professed “official” sponsors), you should embrace leap day. It’s an extra day for you to catch up with those New Year’s Resolutions you may or may not be keeping; a 24-hour period to make sure your year is on a productive track.

If you read our blog regularly, you know we’re big on productivity tricks and habits. Why not call Wednesday, February 29, 2012 a bonus day to make sure all the objects orbiting your world are aligned? With an extra day to get all you want done this year, a forward-thinking strategy and organization day could be just the thing you need to secure a smooth rest of 2012.

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Share The Love And Give Us A Like

February 14, 2012

If CLEAR were a significant other, what would we be like?

CLEAR airport security valentines day

Chivalrous: Escorting you past long lines.
Reliable: Works every time; adds the good kind of predictability to your day.
Smart: CLEAR uses super cutting-edge biometric technology (fingerprints and irises) to identify members.
Knows you well: Well, we knows exactly what your hands and eyes look like!
Soothing: It’s relaxing knowing you don’t have to rush to the airport just in case the security line is forever long.
Improving himself all the time: The CLEAR team is constantly working on bringing service to new airports.
Low maintenance: Encourages you to spend a little extra time with family or being productive.
A nice, clean-cut style: Just look at that crisp logo!

This Valentine’s Day, remember that you can share the CLEAR love with your spouse or partner; if you’re a CLEAR member, you can add him or her for just $50 per year. (Kids under 18 and flying with you are always free.) Saving your loved one time during travel makes a very sweet Valentine’s gift.

For our friends who live in or travel to San Francisco, you may have heard that we have a little extra love to share. We’re thrilled that SFO has accepted our “proposal”! While we haven’t quite picked a date yet, we’re tentatively planning to be up and running in the Bay Area early Q2.

Stay up to date on all CLEAR developments to keep you darting through airports like cupid’s arrow – we’re expecting to announce more  milestones soon – by liking us on Facebook.

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Today is Clean Out Your Computer Day

February 13, 2012

Oh, the abuse some of us dole out to our electronic servant, the work computer. Problem is, we’re only hurting ourselves!

Imagine your hard drive is your brain. Are you haphazardly cramming it with information, memories, reminders, notes to self, images, video, sound files, and more? Doesn’t that make it hard to sort out your thoughts, have peace of mind, and make the best decisions based on resources available to you? Better to cut that information up into manageable pieces, categorize them, and file them away in order, so you don’t waste time and energy looking for your notes from last week’s meeting or a great presentation you want to replicate.

CLEAR speeds you through airport security

One of the best ways to solve some of life’s little problems is with an officially designated holiday. Thanks to the Institute of Business Technology, this year is the 10th annual Clean Out Your Computer Day. The day is recognized on the second Monday in February, which in 2012 is February 13. So why not make a plan ahead of time, block out an hour or two on your schedule, and next week – have at it.

Here’s our three-step prescription for a cleaned-out computer.

  1. Stop dumping. Retrain yourself not to save that file in a vaguely named folder without changing the filename with the thought that you can just search for it later. Save yourself the time of trying to remember what search terms will recall the latest version of whatever it is you’re looking for.
  2. Create a system. Create folders and subfolders. As you use them, if they’re not totally intuitive for you, change them so they are. Use a naming convention; YYYYMMDD_title_author is a good one for keeping your files in chronological order.
  3. Automate/remind. Schedule your computer to run disc cleanup/defragmenter at specified times or remind you to. Set reminders to back up all your data externally – or enable a cloud system.

Want some auxiliary steps? Here are a few more:

  • Probably nothing’s better at making your computer run faster than backing up all your data and reinstalling your operating system. A pain, but it works.
  • Update your virus software and run a scan.
  • Is your computer filthy? Clean it, physically!

A little electronic reorganization and housekeeping will save you time and add a level of control to your work processes.

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What We Love About San Francisco

February 7, 2012

When in San Francisco, whether to visit or live, you can take a sleepy approach: slip under the blanket of foggy mist and soak up vibes of authenticity and California culture. Or you can feed off its energy, racing from one unique spot to another, drinking up experiences, art, mixologists’ cocktails, and sample from a thousand gourmet dishes vying to impress the notoriously discerning SF palate.

Whatever your pace and style, traveling from San Francisco is about to become more laid back as CLEAR announces our newest operations coming soon to SFO airport. Once we’re up and running, CLEAR members will enjoy a little extra time to infuse themselves with the beauty of San Francisco:

Why do we love San Francisco? For the Painted Ladies houses; Mission burritos; easy-to-navigate rail system; the hilly, neighborhood-y architecture; close proximity to nature and wine tasting; a fantastical nightlife; the spiritual vibe; bike lanes; museums and galleries; and real people.

We’re absolutely thrilled to begin serving this community.

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SFO SELECTS CLEAR TO PROVIDE HIGH-SPEED BIOMETRIC SCREENING — Travelers to Save Time and Stress at Airport Security Screening —

February 1, 2012

(NEW YORK, NY – January 31, 2012) San Francisco International’s Airport Commission confirmed today that CLEAR, the nation’s pre-eminent biometric secure ID program, has been awarded a lease to operate an expedited traveler service at SFO.  This means that travelers can soon pass through security, efficiently and predictably, saving time otherwise spent standing in line.

CLEARmembers will have exclusive access to CLEARlanes at SFO. This means:

  • - former members (CLEAR is honoring membership from all prior members) and anyone who joins CLEAR can expect to predictably and reliably make it through security faster – each and every time they fly out of SFO;
  • - enhanced security at SFO – since biometric screening takes advantage of cutting edge technology to ensure proper identification of travelers;
  • - the creation of new, private sector jobs at SFO, new revenue for SFO, and a way to make the Bay Area even more attractive to tourists and business travelers, providing a boost for the local economy; and
  • - more customer service at SFO — In addition to helping its members clear airport security faster, CLEAR attendants also help non-members, providing all travelers with extra assistance.

“There’s the gift of money.  The gift of love.  The gift of compassion.  But today, San Francisco International Airport (SFO) gave travelers perhaps something even better – the gift of time,” said CLEAR CEO Caryn Seidman-Becker.

“This is a really exciting day for anyone who travels out of San Francisco.  Imagine a world where, rather than having to get to the airport extra early, worrying about how long the line at security will be, and worrying about missing your flight, you know – with certainty and predictability – that if you’re a member of CLEAR, you can clear airport security faster.  That’s exactly what’s happening thanks to the vision and leadership of San Francisco International Airport.  They care about serving their customers, and with decisions like today’s, it really shows.”

Since its re-launch in November 2010, the CLEARlanes at Denver International Airport and Orlando International Airport have been used more than 450,000 times.  CLEAR has a base of some 200,000 legacy members across the U.S., including about 40,000 in San Francisco.

CLEAR membership costs $179 for one year with unlimited use.  Members can add their spouse or significant other to their account with the Family Plan for an additional $50.  All children under 18 can use the CLEARlane free of charge, and with no enrollment, necessary, when accompanied by an adult member.




CLEAR is the first and only biometric-based secure identification program for airport security.  CLEAR is a customer-centric company delivering speed, predictability, and service at the airport while enhancing airport security.  For more information on CLEAR, go to www.CLEARme.com, or visit Facebook at www.Facebook.com/CLEARme and Twitter at www.twitter.com/CLEAR_me.

For more information, contact:
Gareth Edmondson-Jones
917 399-9355

What do airport security and New Year’s resolutions have in common?

January 19, 2012

Four out of five people wash their hands regularly, support full-body scanners as a measure of US airport security, don’t look good in black, and would have preferred a tablet rather than a laptop this holiday season.

In addition, four out of five people are said to break their New Year’s resolutions; just a third make it to February.

productivity checkup

We’re about three weeks into the year; time to take stock. If your resolutions didn’t last much longer than a proper New Year’s Eve kiss should, here are some productivity tips for you.

Stepcase Lifehack says New Year’s resolutions are for the birds. After all, you created them at an exhausted time of the year: the holiday season had just ended, summer’s unimaginably far away, and the temptation to curl up into a soft nest of complacency is at its highest. But we’re going to argue that better than giving up on your resolutions entirely, a few weeks out from the holidays is time to tease out the flaws in your initial set of goals and rebuild them.

Were your resolutions really just a lofty wish list? For example, if you essentially re-imagined yourself a morning-loving exercise nut who rises at 5:30 a.m. to hit the pavement, but your lifestyle keeps you up til well after midnight, you’ve set yourself up to join that majority of resolution-failers. A tweak: make resolutions that emphasize what you’ve already got going in your life. If you’re enjoying four yoga classes a month, bump it up to six. If you have a circle of great friends you wished you spent more time with, organize a bi-monthly dinner. More on this from a group of people who’ve learned the lessons of a few more New Years than many of us: the AARP.

After checking in with the older generation, make sure your technology is enabling your best effort. The Life Optimizer blog recommends the iPhone app Resolutions Tracker, which has you enter goals and set reminders. You then grade yourself on your efforts within a range of five stars, which takes a pass/fail mentality out of the equation. If your resolutions involve daily habits, check out web-based Joe’s Goals for a low-tech, binary yes/no daily tracker.

We know CLEAR members like finding ways to save time and make life better, more productive, and more relaxed. So we’re guessing the success rate among members might be a bit higher than everyone else! How are your resolutions going – are you still firmly resolved, or were your promises already aircasualties to life as usual?

Go Paperless with the iPad: How to Blend in with the Natives

January 4, 2012

The digital natives, that is. Going paperless is a great New Year’s resolution to up your productivity in 2012!

Probably, unless you’ve been living under a large file credenza, you’re aware of the benefits of going fully paperless. CLEAR customers are nothing if not interested in better use of their time. The productivity increase you’ll see going paperless is incredible; consider the time wasted alone looking for a lost paper note or file. When you’re paperless, even if you misplace a file in the wrong folder, you can perform a search and find it in an instant. Paperless systems are also very sharable and great for enhancing the work of teams. More benefits of going paperless:

  • Better efficiency in basic administration of your work “stuff” means more time for productive, creative, and billable activities
  • Done properly, you’ll never lose anything again
  • Every single file is portable and at your fingertips
  • No files to remember and carry around
  • Yay for the environment!
  • Secure all your files in one fell swoop
  • Once you get going, it’s cheaper

So you’ve got your iPad and you’re ready to ditch the paper notebook you’ve been carrying, just in case, alongside it. Or your office is in the throes – with or without your vigorous resistance – of a movement from paper filing to electronic. Here are the three cardinal rules of going paperless, from least to most complex.

1. Back up, but automatically

Gone are the days when you had to physically plug in and make a digital, static copy of everything that matters. iCloud is here for a very good reason. Enable it for all of your important apps.

2. Have a system and follow it

 The paperless novice is trying out new apps and systems, saving things here one day and on other somewhere else, or loading everything into one unruly mess. Once you go paperless, just about every step of your work routine needs some tweaking. Here’s a great example of how one attorney sets himself up for paper-free success (the legal field is just one profession in which losing documents is a very bad idea).

 3.     Know your toolbox

There are a terrific number of apps available to help in your pursuit of paperlessness. But just like overdelegating to too many assistants, using an overabundance of apps will only make you less productive. Research your options, gather your tools, and stick with them. Here’s the paperless suite, to date, that works for us:

Orchestra. Switching to an electronic to do list is often the first step for the newly paperless. Orchestra beautifully allows you to compile and organize everything you need to get done today, on a specific date, “soon,” or “someday.” Social by nature, it makes a great tool for delegating and task sharing; voice recognition lets you speak your tasks. Best of all, it’s free.

DropBox. Store, manage, and share files with your team. This simple interface has been around for some time, but as it takes new devices easily into stride, it has yet to be beat.

Readdle. Since the iPad by design has no innate file manager or document viewer (other than the ability to view PDFs in iBooks), we recommend Readdle products. ReaddleDocs 3 lets you gather documents from email, the web, your computers, Google Docs, DropBox and other file transfer programs, etc. and organize them efficiently; you can also highlight and annotate directly on PDF files. Readdle’s PDF Expert 3 also lets you highlight and annotate, as well as draw with your finger (useful for recording simple diagrams); it also makes it easy to fill in forms.

Note Taker HD. The app that truly makes your iPad a notepad + tech. Tons of features may overwhelm a little at first, but it’s worth it: Note Taker HD lets you take efficient notes with finger or stylus or type in a text box, reorder pages, delete pages, edit tags, and more. Multiple line thicknesses (a really useful benefit), colors, fonts, and font sizes add customization, and you can import PDFs, annotate them, and insert and crop photos.

Genius Scan. This iPad app helps you take good quality scans of documents, and also does a great job capturing and resizing other text or diagrams you might want to scan, like notes on a whiteboard.

At what stage of going paperless are you: staunch believer in manila and spiral bound, or barely remembering how to sign your own name with a pen in your hand? Share your favorite apps in the comments.

Learn More About Our CLEAR Community Charities Winners!

December 23, 2011

It has been a big week for us here at CLEAR. First, we announced our CLEAR Community Charities winners, and then we confirmed something that you may have suspected, given our list of nomination cities – we are coming back to SFO!

It has been an exciting year for us too, and we can’t wait to tell you about all the awesome things lined up for 2012.

CLEAR Community Charities

But this season is all about giving back – and we want to share more about the non-profits who won our Community Charities campaign.

These folks work hard to keep their communities safe. Fed. Educated. All the things they do – big and small – make such an impact. We thank them for their hard work!

Please consider making a donation yourself to these worthy charities. Or whatever charity in your community that speaks to you. Every little bit helps!



$2,000 Winner: 

Women’s Bean Project

Since 1989, Women’s Bean Project has been dedicated to helping women break the cycle of poverty and unemployment. They strive stop chronic unemployment and poverty by helping women discover their talents and develop skills by offering job readiness training opportunities.

$250 Runners Up:

Emergency Family Assistance Association

EFAA helps the working poor, the homeless and near-homeless sustain themselves so they can eventually move toward self reliance.  One-time help with rent, utility bills and other necessities is part of a package of services, including important referrals, which are available to be matched with clients’ verified needs.


Educate! develops young leaders and entrepreneurs in Uganda who will solve the greatest challenges facing their communities. Educate! provides a proven mix of a social entrepreneurship and leadership courses, long term mentoring, and an alumni program that helps high school students start enterprises. Today, Educate! is working with 1,400 diverse youth across Uganda and developing a model that can be replicated across Africa.



$2,000 Winner:


Quest helps people with disabilities achieve their dreams of going to school, having a job, living on their own, and experiencing summer camp. As Central Florida’s premier provider of these services, Quest makes a difference in the lives of nearly 1,100 people each day and has been part of the community for nearly 50 years.

$250 Runners Up:

Rock For Hunger

Rock For Hunger provides warm meals to over 150 people every Monday night as well as career development, lifestyle training, after-school program assistance, and access to creative field trips that aim to stop poverty at its roots. Not to mention their music festival that attracts world-renowned artists and keeps the programs running smoothly to truly change the lives of everyone Rock For Hunger helps.

Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida

Poodle and Pooch Rescue is a non-profit organization that rescues dogs that truly need help. They have many older, special needs dogs - the “leftovers” – the ones who are hard to adopt. Poodle and Pooch Rescue provides veterinary care for the dogs and a foster family. When they’re ready, Poodle and Pooch Rescue matches them with a special family who cherishes them for the rest of their lives.



$2,000 Winner:

San Francisco Food Bank

The San Francisco Food Bank is a critical link between food and people. They provide food to nearly 225,000 people through 450+ nonprofit partners. Hunger impacts people in all walks of life. The San Francisco Food Bank reaches them all – from working families to senior citizens. This year, they are on track to distribute more than 45 million pounds of food to meet an ever-growing need in the San Francisco community.

$250 Runners up:

Help A Mother Out

Help A Mother Out is dedicated to increasing access to diapers for families in need. Their vision is a day when every baby has an adequate supply of diapers. Started by two moms in 2009 with an initial investment of $100, this one time diaper drive has evolved into a nationally recognized grassroots organization raising diapers, awareness, and advocating for long term change in the social safety net.

Marine Mammal Center

Since 1975, The Marine Mammal Center has rescued and treated more than 16,000 elephant seals, sea lions, sea otters and other marine mammals that get stranded along 600 miles of California coast, as well as conducted research about marine mammal health conditions. The Center’s robust education programs teach approximately 30,000 students and adults each year, with the goals of inspiring ocean conservation and showing the interdependence we all share with marine mammals and the ocean.


Aren’t they amazing?

Many thanks to everyone who participated and…

Happy Holidays from CLEAR!

Great News!

December 21, 2011

CLEAR is coming to SFO!

We’ve gotten a lot of excitement and questions from you about SFO…

CLEAR was identified as the successful proposer! We are now working with the airport and will have more details and launch timing after formal approval by their Commission.

We’re working hard to speed our members– including 40,000 in the Bay Area– through as many airports as possible…these discussions can take a while, but we’ve got even more good news coming soon.


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